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With a freshly minted degree in entrepreneurship, Allison Drummey Robinson ’09 set out to build a career in business, and while she was on maternity leave from her position as a market strategist with Procter & Gamble Co., she did. The Mom Project, launched in April 2016, is a digital marketplace that matches vetted, qualified moms (and dads) with flexible job opportunities at both large corporations and small startups. This allows parents to stay on a career track while also being more present in their children’s lives. As a new mother, Robinson,Mom Project CEO, faced the dilemma many working professional parents do: having to choose between a career or kids. She didn’t want to make that choice, so she came up with a solution. Her business model is about keeping women professionally engaged in meaningful, profitable ways so they don’t lose skills or income potential while taking time off. Employers benefit by getting consulting-level talent on an as-needed basis without traditional personnel costs. Robinson said her experience at UD prepared her well for the challenges that come with a startup venture. The Mom Project has launched a trademarked program called Maternityship. It is designed to fill the gaps companies are facing as they expand their parental leave benefits — something that fits her business model as well as her own personal philosophy, especially since recently adding a second child to her family.

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