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Alice Enders
Dir. of Research,Enders Analysis
Independent Internet Professional
Dan Murray-Serter
Co-Founder at Heights
Co-Founder at Heights I Co-Founder of Foundrs
Danna Stern
MD at yes Studios
Founder, yesStudios
Joe Perkins
CEO, Landscape VC
Lover of all things product and growth.
Pablo López-Aguilar
Tech Director at
Cyber Security Project Leader & Researcher at Anti-Phishing Working Group.
Sherzod Gafar
Co-Founder & CEO at Heylama
Entrepreneur at Antler
Aaron Archer
Partner at Cooley LLP
Partner at Cooley LLP
Aaron Burcell
Managing Director at Roc360
Growth & Digital Marketing at Roc360
Adam D'Angelo
CEO @ Quora
Founder & CEO at Quora
Adam Davidson
Book Author
Author of The Passion Economy
Adam Jackson
Co-Founder at Braintrust Network
Founder & CEO of Freelance Labs Founder | Former CEO at Doctor On Demand, serial entrepreneur & active technology investor.
Adedeji Ebo
Chief at UNODA
Chief, Conventional Arms Branch, UNODA; Visiting Professor at Kings College London (School of Global Affairs)
Adelaide Wolters
Gründerin von Unrefined Riches
Adelaide Wolters ist Gründerin von Unrefined Riches und Siptuation.
Adrian Jjuuko
Executive Director at HRAPF
Executive Director at Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum- Uganda (HRAPF)
Adrian Locher
Founder & CEO at Merantix
Artificial Intelligence Venture Studio I Serial Entrepreneur
Adrian Payne
Senior Frontend Engineer
Senior Frontend Engineer at Evernest, Hamburg
Adriana Foronda
Co-Founder & Director at BFPN
International trade and digital economy specialist
Adriana Hoppenbrouwer-Pereira
Co-Founder at The Fabricant
Mentor at Strartupbootcamp/Fare Capital
Adrienne Goehler
writer and curator
Independent curator and writer, heading foundations, Art School, Senat of Culture, Science, Research
Aella Girl
Adult Model
Nude Model
Afra Gloria Müller
Projektmanagerin at SEND
Social Entrepreneurship, System Change and Activism
Aimie-Sarah Carstensen
Founder & CEO ArtNight & Co.
Founder & CEO ArtNight & Co. (REALTAINMENT) | Dare to Create & Unleash your Innovative Mindset
Akshay BD
Venture building The Art Project
Early stage stuff
Alan Frei
Co Founder at Amorana
CMO at Amorana
Alan Poensgen
Partner at Antler
Early-Stage VC | Serial Entrepreneur
Alana Podrx
Founder at Eve Wealth
CEO Investor | ex-McKinsey
Alejandro Navia
Product Innovation at Mars
Senior Product Innovation-Naturals at Mars
Aleksandar Orlić
Co-Founder at Randevu
Co-Founder & CEO at randevu
Aleksandra Laska
Partner at Redalpine
Partner at Redalpine
Alex Atallah
Co-Founder of OpenSea
Advisor at Blockrize
Alex Beard
Senior Director at Tech For All
Senior Director, Teach For All | The Learning Revolution, BBC | Author, Natural Born Learners | Board Member, Day One Trust
Alex Bouaziz
CEO Deel
Co-Founder at Deel
Alex Shipp
CSO at Offshift
Pioneering #PriFi | Elastos- Foundation Writer | Opinions are my own.
Alex Wilhelm
Senior Editor at TechCrunch
I try to write words for TechCrunch. Sometimes it goes ok.
Alex Zaccaria
Co-Founder at Linktree
Co-Founder & CEO of Linktree I Co-founder of Bolster I B&T 30 Under 30 Winner.
Alexander Krappe
Program Lead Startup Incubation
Transformation through lean Startup Partnerships
Alexander Stoeckel
VC at Philip Morris International
Director Venture Capital at Philip Morris International
Alexandra Geese
Member of the EU Parliament
Abgeordnete im Europäischen Parlament bei European Parliament
Alexandre Lemille
Directeur Général adjoint (France)
Directeur Général - Anthesis France, Advocate - The Circular Humansphere
Alfred Lin
Partner at Sequoia Capital
Working with founders from idea to IPO and beyond. Formerly an operator at Zappos, Tellme, and LinkExchange
Ali Albazaz
Founder & CEO at Inkitt
CEO at Inkitt - Discovering & Launching Blockbusters at Scale
Ali Parsa
Founder at Babylon/ Circle
Healthcare Entrepreneur
Ali Rowghani
Managing Partner at Y Combinator
Managing Partner, YCombinator Continuity
Alisa Eresina
Coach, entrepreneur & writer
Alisa Eresina is a coach, entrepreneur, writer and host of the I AM: ENOUGH podcast.
Alison Coward
Founder, Bracket
Team Culture Coach & Facilitator | Making work better through building collaborative, high-performing team cultures
Allen Lau
CEO and Co-founder at Wattpad
Rocket Scientist at Heart, Engineer by Training, Entertainment as Profession
Allison Esposito Medina
CEO & Founder at Tech Ladies
Angel Investor and LP at Calm Fund, Laconia, Weekend Fund & Venture Coop.
Allison Pytlak
Programme Manager at WILPF
Global campaigns and advocacy. Skillful political and strategic analysis. Feminist approaches to security issues.
Alyson (Friedensohn) Watson
Founder & CEO
CEO at Modern Health - the first preventive mental health solution for innovative global employers.
Amber Warren
Creative Team Lead at Pointer
Creative Team Lead at Pointer
Amir Carlisle
Co-Founder at The Players Company
Empowering Athletes to Take Control of their Financial Future | Former Professional Athlete
Ammin Youssouf
Co-Founder & CEO of Afrobytes
Our mission is to contribute to the future of Diversity and Inclusion in the Fashion and Beauty Industry.
Amrita Sethi
NFT Artist- Creator of SoundBYTEs
First NFT artist in the Middle East | Ex Banker turned Artist | Follow your dreams
Amy Daroukakis
Cultural Strategist & Researcher
I provide global businesses with strategic insights
Amy Kean
Founder, Six Things Impossible
LinkedIn Top Voice 2020 / Sociologist / Bestselling Author & Poet / 'Trail Blazer' (Campaign Magazine)
Amy Lewin
Deputy Editor at Sifted
London-based journalist reporting on startups and tech in Europe.
Amy Peck
Founder/CEO at EndeavorVR
AR/VR, Metaverse & Emerging Technology Strategist & Consultant • Futurist • Author Blockchain is the New Black
Amy Wu
Partner at Lightspeed Venture
Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners
Ana Andjelic
Principal, Ana Andjelic
Ana Andjelic is a strategy executive & author of “The Business of Aspiration
Ana Ribalta
Director at Banco Sabadell
Councilor at Pompeu Fabra University| DIrector at General Adjunta
Andile Masuku
Presenter of African Tech Round-up
Broadcaster | Creative | Strategist
Andre Street
CEO at StoneCo
Founder at Arpex Capital
Andrea Basilova
Co-Founder of Sensoneo
Data-driven waste mngt / smart cities / IoT / sustainability
Andrea Bruestle
Sustainability Manager at GIZ
Sustainability Manager at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Andrea Kostrowski
Head of Campaign at Die Klimawette
On a mission to save 1.000.000 tons of CO2 and sending a strong message to the UN Climate Conference
Andrea Schuller-Legat
Head of Customer & Service
Customer service, application&contract all lines, personal insurance benefit
Andrea Sinisi
Co-Founder at Insightful
Entrepreneur at Antler
Andreas Goeldi
Angel Investor at BTOV Partners
Partner at BTOV Partners
Andreas Saari
Co-Founder & CEO at The 280 Company
Turning atmospheric CO2 into energy generation devices
Andreas Wild
Global VP Customer Loyalty
Sending lots of emails...
Andrej Salnik
Technical Solutions Specialist
Technical specialist with strong expertise in Office 365, Office 365 Governance, and Integration and Azure Development.
Andrew Chen
Partner at Andreessen Horowitz
Andreessen Horowitz. Author, The Cold Start Problem
Andrew Gwadiva
Vice President Green Tec Capital
Vice President, Growth at GreenTec Capital Partners | WEF - Global Shaper |
Andrew Reed
Partner at Sequoia Capital
Partner at Sequoia Capital
Andri Silberschmidt
Nationalrat | Planzer | kaisin | Jucker-Farm | FH Schweiz |
André Ibisch
CEO at ViSenSys GmbH
AI-based image processing for more automation of applications in public transport
Andy Davis
Co-founder at 10x10
10x10. Investor.
Angela Siegling
IP Manager at aws
Activities in technology transfer, evaluation of new technologies and ideas, deal making and conducting due diligence
Angelika Buchmayer
Trainer & Coach
Expertin für den Aufbau von Kooperationen
Angelo Nuzzo
Program Manager
FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency
Anisah Osman Britton
Director of Storytelling at Calm
Changing the narrative at the intersection of tech x impact x capital | Forbes 30 under 30
Anita Yabo
Gründerin von Alina Cosmetics
Anita Yabo ist die Gründerin von Alina Cosmetics.
Ann Miura-Ko
Member Board Of Trustees
Co Director of Mayfield Fellows Program at Stanford University
Anna Brailsford
CEO at Code First: Girls
dedicated to transforming tech by providing the skills, space and inspiration for women to become kick-ass developers
Anna Gottschalg
Co-Founder at leadership.sprouts
Org Culture & Development
Anna Maierski
Creative Director at Kolle Rebbe
Executive Creative Strategy Director at Kolle Rebbe I Part of Accenture Interactive II Mentor at Berlin Founder Fund
Anna Provan
Project Manager at CFFP
Project Manager at Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy
Anna von Stackelberg
Co-Founder at Doctorly
Innovator | Writer | Digital Health Enthusiast
Annabella Bassler
Group CFO bei Ringier
Ringier AG is an innovative, digitalised and diversified Swiss media company that is active in Europe, Africa and Asia.
Anne Philippi
Founder at The New Health Club
Founder & CEO @The New Health Club. A platform for new mental wellness, neural awareness and psychedelics.
Anthony Davie
Founder at Xolas TMS
For me, business is mission first
Anthony McGuire
Head Of Marketing at Neustreet
Head Of Marketing at Neustreet
Antje Lienert
Innov. Manager at Startup Cologne
Innovator behind the pioneer bottom-up #EiA - European innovation Area
Antonia Albert
Founder at Careship
Principal at Wingman
Antonia Neumann
Head of Human Resources
HRM/Admin, Recruiting, Personnel Development, Organizational Development, D/I, Employer Branding & so much more
Antonio Hüseyin Barresi
CEO at Xorlab
Co-founder & CEO at xorlab AG