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Sole GP with focus on frontier enterprise (incl. software + security infrastructure, healthcare, and financial services) and related infrastructure. Partnering with just 4-6 teams a year to support and accelerate their growth from technical foundation to an enduring company. I have loved investing since I was young and it is such a privilege to accompany ambitious, technically gifted entrepreneurs on a mission of fixing the way we live and work through that lens. My hope is to give them as many shortcuts as possible on the way to success as well as the capital to enable more ambitious execution. As a trend I tend to back intellectually honest, gritty and technical founders who view data and technology moats as important as business model innovation. One of my core beliefs is that technology is a largely a positive force and I am keen to help make positive business change via technology / data utilization as capital efficient as possible. Among other societal issues, I'm passionate about improving the gender ratio as well as cognitive / experiential diversity within technology and finance - if you represent an organization that enables such or have a common personal view, please get in touch. Having worked on three continents funding and working with many different kinds of people, I wholeheartedly believe in the strength of diversity.

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