The Web3 Landscape from a VC's Perspective

Web3 is one of the most emerging areas for VCs - whether it's tokens, NFTs, or equity investments. With the hype around NFTs, many new opportunities for the web3 space are emerging, a lot of money is being flushed into the market, and many new players want to participate in the new internet revolution. But how are web3 VCs looking at the space, and which strategies are they following? What are the challenges and differences between web3 and traditional investments?

Sarah Gottwald
Investment Manager at Cryptofinance.vc

Venture Capital | Web3 & Blockchain & DeFi | DLT Talents Mentor

Feliks Eyser
Founding Partner at w3.fund

Build, learn, teach 🚀 - Founder & Investor

Daniel Höpfner
Founding Partner & MD at b10 VC

Entrepreneur | Investor | Advisor | Builder

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