What is newcon?

On-demand streaming platform

We democratize access to previously inaccessible thought-leaders. Discover the experts, conferences and creators who lead today and shape tomorrow, post-event.

How it works

It's simple !



Relax and be enriched

Different formats on all devices

Our Features

Easily access experts & niche content

It's hard to find the expert in that niche. We got you covered. Discover experts across different verticals and grow.

High quality content anywhere you go

Choose the format that suits you best. Switch from video to audio to transcript when jogging or traveling. Functional on all devices.

Discover content that matters

Navigating through the ocean of video-content is cumbersome. We only recommend content that matters to you. Alternatively, browse content based on topics, speakers, conferences - even jump to specific keywords in a video.

- Build your knowledge-hub

Information overflow is real and time is limited. Capture your learnings and save interesting content in your knowledge-hub. You can always come back or share content with friends.

- Become part of a community

Follow and engage with speakers and conferences. Be the first to know about the latest research and trends. Connect with like-minded people.