Maryam Mazraei

Founder at Autopsy

Community Lead at Weekend Fund | VC Investor at Ascension




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Maryam has over 7 years of experience working in both startup and scaleup environments in a range of industries such as SaaS, AI/ML and Fintech. Maryam also has a Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship from UCL, consistently gives talks and provides mentorship to fellow entrepreneurs. Maryam is no stranger to the startup world. She founded her first company at the age of 18 focusing on changing consumer’s buying habits with a sustainable supply chain company in the clothing industry. One of her most recognised works called Autopsy, gathers data and lessons on failed startups and has the largest database on failed companies globally. Upon the website's launch in 2015, Autopsy became an overnight viral hit, capturing the attention of the likes of Marc Most recently, Maryam has been an investor at one of UK's prominent early-stage VCs, Ascension. Investing across verticals such as Future of Work, B2B Saas, B2C, D2C, Fintech, Energy and Impact.

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