Brand Showcase: Jägermeister x Hape

In building the future of Web3, partnerships are particularly important. The collaboration between Jägermeister and Hape was born earlier this year through their dual personality Genesis Hape, and of course in true Jägermeister and Hape fashion with a massive party in New York around NFT.NYC. Moving forward with the partnership and further into the world of Web3 together, don't miss out on the discussion between Sven Schindler (Global Head of Brand & Digital, Jägermeister) and Richard Petrich, Managing Director at Value of We, the brand experience agency specializing in bringing brands into the Web3 space and who facilitated the partnership between Jägermeister and Hape.

Richard Petrich
MD & Co-Founder at Value of We

Managing Director & Co-Founder @ Value of We GmbH + Biz Dev and Talent Commercialization @ G2 Esports

Sven Schindler
Head at Mast-Jägermeister SE

Head of global brand and digital bei Mast-Jägermeister SE

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