Justin Gordon

Director of Marketing at Vitalize Venture Capital

Podcast Host at Just Go Grind





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On a mission to help one billion people in my lifetime. Focused now on supporting founders through Vitalize Venture Capital and Just Go Grind. Currently working on: 😇 Vitalize Angels - Our 260+ member Angel group at Vitalize allowing “Angel investing for everyone.” 🎙 Just Go Grind Podcast - My show with 300+ episodes and tens of thousands of total downloads since 2018, where I interview entrepreneurs, CEOs, VCs, and go-getters. Some past guests have included: Iman Abuzeid, Co-Founder & CEO of Incredible Health I Jude Gomila, Founder & CEO of Golden, and investor in 200+ companies I Stephanie Lampkin, Founder & CEO of Blendoor I Zubin Bhettay, Co-Founder & CEO of Fuzzy Pet Health I Madeline Fraser, Founder & CEO of Gemist I Rick Smith, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Crosscut Ventures I Austin Rief, Co-Founder of Morning Brew.

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