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Founder & Host at Jungunternehmer Podcast

Forbes 30 u. 30 Content Creator & Podcaster | Keynote Speaker | Startup Advisor





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Hello, I'm Fabian. 🙋🏼‍♂️ Since October 2016, I've been talking to founders about topics relevant to founders of early-stage startups (pre-product market fit) in my Young Entrepreneurs Podcast. This can be about business model, team, strategy, fundraising from business angels and VCs, and much more. Included were the founders of Shopify, Slack, GitHub, FlixBus, trivago, AboutYou, wefox, Runtastic, and hundreds more. Over the years, I've mentored dozens of founders after launch and helped raise money from business angels, validate their ideas or improve their business model. If you are in such a phase right now or know someone who is: click on the following link and let's talk for 30 minutes about what your problems are and if I can help if necessary: https://jungunternehmerpodcast.com/startup-advisory I look forward to hearing from you!

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