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I am the Founder, CEO, President of GrubMarket Inc. GrubMarket is now America's largest and fastest-growing food supply chain eCommerce company, and is heading to disrupt and digitally transform the American food supply chain industry that has been left behind from technology waves for many generations. The only success criteria of my startup career, is whether I can scale GrubMarket to eventually make $100 billion of annual revenue (eCommerce and software sales). Previously as Vice President of Engineering at Brightidea, a global leader in cloud-based Innovation Management software, I worked with engineers, product, designers to drive the product development of the company. When as the Director / Head of Engineering at Rocket Lawyer, I managed all software development teams, and drove product development of the company. I grew the engineering from 18 to 28 in 6 months. Built Mobile Apps from scratch in 3 months and delivered many many projects/features in the most productive way. When as a Senior software development Manager at Yodlee, Inc. I managed the overall US software development team, and an offshore engineering team. I hired world-class software engineers and built US engineering team of Yodlee from scratch. I managed and delivered many cutting-edge technology projects and products from scratch: 1. Big Data / Hadoop / NoSQL 2. Node.js / HTML5 3. Mobile (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) Apps In my earlier job at iMANY, I managed a core development team of the company, a diverse team of 8+ software developers, responsible for a product accounting for major revenue of the company. I started my career from Oracle and eBay, with internship at IBM. Passion for innovation. Filed two patents (issued) as primary or sole inventor. Awarded scholarship from Apple Computer in 2003.

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