Michael Acton Smith

Co-CEO/ Co-Founder at Calm

Co-founder of Calm and Mind Candy, creator of Moshi Monsters





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I am the co-founder and co-CEO of Calm. Our mission is to make the world healthier and happier. We are based in San Francisco and growing very rapidly. We're always on the look for extraordinary people to join the team so please feel free to reach out: My first business was Firebox.com (online retailer of gadgets, games and gifts) that I co-founded in 1998 with Tom Boardman. We had a lot of fun scouring the world looking for new products and ideas. Invented the Shot Glass Chess Set along the way (bizarre fusion of chess and alcohol that was a surprise hit) Launched Mind Candy in 2004 to create new types of online entertainment. First project was a puzzle-based Alternate Reality Game called Perplex City - a global treasure hunt played by tens of thousands of people around the world across many different types of media. Mind Candy's first major hit was Moshi Monsters, an online world for kids that grew to tens of millions of registered players around the world. In 2011 the game expanded from the screen into the offline world with a wide range of new products such as toys, books, magazines, trading cards, videos games, music and a film. In 2011 I launched Silicon Drinkabout which is a weekly after-work meetup for anyone working in a tech startup (now run by the Three Beards) I love working in start-ups alongside smart, creative and passionate people. Favourite business quote: “Tech start-ups are the dynamos of our society. They create new wealth, jobs and inventions – and sustain our competiveness on the world stage. Best of all, they shower wealth on the most unlikely people. Start-ups are the engines of human liberation. They’re also scary. They upset the established order. They’re risky. And they attract obsessive, difficult, headstrong people fixated on changing the world” (Wired magazine)

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