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Engineer/Product & Growth Marketing Person turned VC - Looking to find and help grow the best new business ideas in Europe & the US. My Story so far is that i wanted to be a professional ocean racer as a teenager - learning how to work in rough conditions, get a job you have no business having, working in a team & what to do when a job isn't right for you. I then studied Mechanical Engineering & Maths in Trinity College - Graduated with highest grade, started a social platform product in college - Hook - built a good team but never executed - first go, got elected to the Students' Union to run Events - Learned budgets, hiring, marketing, operations, was selected for most prestigious leadership program in Ireland, learned public speaking, negotiation & networking in the US Senate, Pitched an idea for funding for a digital student card - got it - learned sales, software development, bureaucracy, spun that idea out as a start-up then raised seed capital, shipped product, sold product, hired well, then ran out of juice too soon so negotiated a soft landing for the team. Following which i Brought my 6 person team into a similar sized org - helped grow it to 33 full time folks - peak user growth was 1,000 sign ups per day - learned agile, scrum, growth marketing, product strategy and partnership management. That business then went into difficulty with a loss of funding - quick roller coaster lesson on the way up and faster lessons on the way down. Helped get the company to a place of relative stability and managing partners and user expectations - lessons learned humility, PR, customer support, personnel management. My story right now is that i am learning what I can about the VC world and trying to find the next big thing.

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