Alex Zaccaria

Co-Founder at Linktree

Co-Founder & CEO of Linktree I Co-founder of Bolster I B&T 30 Under 30 Winner.


Creator Economy


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In 2011, Alex Zaccaria co-founded Bolster, a business that’s since grown into Australia’s leading music and entertainment digital agency. In 2016, Zaccaria, his brother Anthony, and their friend Nick Humphreys set out to find a solution to a problem that had been bugging them for years. By that point, the three had been working in the digital space for several years at Bolster, where they routinely used Instagram to post details about new tracks, tours, and merchandise for the bands and festivals they managed. Sick of having to change the link in the Instagram bio with each new post (something that was not only time consuming, but which ended up losing them valuable content and click-throughs), they decided to create a launchpad that let them direct followers where they wanted and give an overview of their clients projects. The launchpad, which took just 6 hours to create, marked the birth of the very first Linktree platform, the freemium social media reference landing page that’s made everyone’s social media experience that little bit easier. His latest project is the innovative content and publishing platform, LNWY.CO.

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