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American Entrepreneur living in Denmark 6x Start-up Founder and 12+ years of marketing experience Built and ran the Marketing departments of some of the fastest growing Danish start-ups. Grew a Saas start-up in 2017 from 0 to 55K unique visitors per month / ~600 Leads per month in under a year. Noted as the core driver behind my last company winning best new start-up in Denmark in 2018 (nordic startup awards). Growth-secrets is my bi-monthly free event series I started as a result of the lack of good marketing events being held. Last year I ran 2x Sold Out 2-day (16 hour) Growth-Hacking Masterclasses at Talent Garden Rainmaking Won a $4.3M Government contract to get wounded warriors and veterans back into the civilian world (2012 Tap Program). I work 7 days a week and usually put in 12 hour days (except for Saturdays, usually that’s just a few emails and messages). Presented, hosted, guest lectured, and participated as a keynote speaker in 30+ events in 2019 I’ve been described as “the best growth-hacker in Denmark,” which is a bit cringy when I write it out- but I think I’ve earned it. Currently, I’m running a growth-hacking agency, masterclasses/online courses, a Saas start-up, and mentoring when I have a few extra moments.

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