Nathan Barry

Founder & CEO at ConvertKit

Founder and CEO at ConvertKit


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For Nathan Barry, the Founder, and CEO of ConvertKit, a huge turning point came at the age of 24. His business was flatlining, and he was losing customers every month. During a chance conversation with a friend, he was advised to either kill the company or give it the necessary resources and attention. It was time to double down or shut down. This was a huge moment. What he did next would determine the fate of his business and potentially his entire future. But he didn't seize the moment straight away. He waited six months before doing anything. It all turned out right in the end. But we're jumping ahead of ourselves. Let's go back to the beginning and look at how Nathan started his email marketing platform for bloggers and the challenges he tackled to grow ConvertKit into a 20-million dollar business.

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