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Multidisciplinary turned super niche in the pursuit of creating a new niche: psychology of ideas. I was born in Poland in 1978 and landed in Sweden as a 13-year old. With two entrepreneurs for parents and being an only child I found myself often in my room creating stuff. Creating as in drawing, designing things, painting on my walls and furnitures (they let me, or maybe they didn’t even notice) and as in dancing. My dream was to become a fashion designer and an air force pilot (Top Gun effect? To this day I don’t know) at the same time. My Polish parents thought that a lawyer would be a good profession. I hold a double master from Lund University: a Master of Laws and a Master in Business Economics. From day one I knew that law was not for me – there was no room for creating anything new. Thus I added economics, which was more up my alley. However, every time someone asked me for the last ten (15?) years, if I had chosen the same path of education given the chance, my answer has always been: “I should have studied psychology”. So since January 2021, I am back at LU to grab that third master of mine. Correcting a mistake? Maybe. Or rather completing a life long mission of finding the exact niche. You see, I am taking everything I have done up to this point, spicing it up with a psychology flavor and creating my own topic: psychology of ideas. My goal, my passion, my mission (whichever you prefer) is to fight mediocre ideas. I want to add high quality innovative thinking to people's business mindsets in order to create high quality ideas.

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