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Founder & CEO @The New Health Club. A platform for new mental wellness, neural awareness and psychedelics.




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As a writer for VOGUE and GQ, I interviewed rock stars and actors for many years. I was fascinated by the world of show business, Hollywood, and celebrity. In 2007, I joined the German Vanity Fair. Naturally, I moved to the heart of glamour in 2009 to work as the Hollywood reporter for GQ Germany, also as a regular contributor for "Süddeutsche Zeitung," spoke to big Hollywood names. In 2015 my first novel called "Giraffen" was published and I started to turn to a different kind of storytelling: more personal, more digital-friendly, faster, constructed like a new TV Show. I also started to develop a massive crush on technology, Silicon Valley, and the digital world, which began to affect my writing, aka storytelling plus my preferred subjects more and more. So I got into that world, moderated panels at the DLD conference in New York City. At the TEDx conference at Berliner Philharmonie. I am a California expert for "Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly" regularly reporting on California culture, tech, digital trends and new developments like the new luxury cannabis market and the return of psychedelic tools and therapies, which I am very passionate about. I am the founder of THE NEW HEALTH CLUB: a lifestyle platform for the new mental wellness and the new use of psychedelics and we are here now to change the narrative about mental health, mental wellness and psychedelics.

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