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Each day, I strive to help companies of different sizes, development stages, and industries, to develop faster and better than their competition. I create value for these companies by applying my own skillset and the diverse skillset of my team. I often do this by talking to people — I try to understand their current situation and problems, I try to challenge their vision and to share the knowledge that I’ve accumulated. Many times, I’ve helped our investment team to perform due diligence on potential investments. This experience helps me to ask the right questions and to quickly develop an understanding of potential risks. I believe in leadership and try to live it, which enables me to build strong teams. By providing basic guidelines and by creating an environment of trust, I allow my team to use their full set of strengths and achieve their defined goals. I’m not afraid to question hierarchies or to raise my voice when I see that things are clearly going in the wrong direction. To achieve all this, I have become a strong communicator with a broad and deep technical knowledge, who is not only interested in tech but also in the wider ecosystem around tech (such as Business, Product, Business Intelligence, Data, Marketing, ect.). I’m also interested in people, organizations, and their dynamics and I think it’s important to stay curious and learn from the people around me. The learning process never ends and that’s a good thing.

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