Sebastian Schaal

Founder at Luminovo

Rethinking the electronics value chain. Creating a meaningful place to work. Thriving to have a positive impact.




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Ever since I was young, I was fascinated by technology. This fascination was the reason, why I started studying engineering in the first place, and this was also the reason, why Timon and I founded Luminovo at the end of 2017. I fundamentally believe that technological progress is the best tool that mankind has developed to solve the biggest challenges we are facing today as a society. At Luminovo, we thereby see it as our core purpose to put our sweat and tears into accelerating technological progress. The question is: where do you start with that ambition? Ideally, you try to transform an industry that is simply everywhere: from the smartphone in your pocket to the spaceships that will bring us to Mars someday - the electronics industry. As the ZVEI puts it: “The electronics industry is the guiding industry of digitalization and the pacemaker of technical progress”

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