Rachel Brissenden

Founder at Elixir of Life Juice

Business Development at Harmony ONE Events




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I have been working in the credit monitoring industry for over 1 year now. In this field, I've learned to connect with affiliates, and help them grow their businesses. Communication & building strong connections with affiliates are among the most valuable things I've learned in this position; As well as not giving up until we have found a solution. I have personally enrolled and walked through hundreds of affiliates in our program. I have trained & lead a team internationally to mutually achieve success, and have done so through connecting our team on "Basecamp" to easily delegate tasks to trainees & create different teams within our company. I would say what I enjoy most about this position is the team building, connection and communication. Knowing that we are all working together for a common goal, and joining efforts to problem solve & overcome daily challenges, while implementing technology as a tool to connect our team. I am now hosting weekly webinars on lead generation, launching email marketing campaigns, and leading Business Development initiatives while managing our major accounts. I've attended events such as "Affiliate Summit West" to network and make new connections. This position has been an incredible learning experience and taught me valuable life skills.

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