Nadia Taiga

Executive at SNARK.ART and

Exec. and Curatorial Director at SNARK.ART | OG.ART | OG.Protocol. Dynamic NFTs that live and breathe.




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Executive and Curatorial Director, & Nadia Taiga is an experienced art producer and curator who joined in 2019 to explore the potential of blockchain and NFT technology as an art medium. In 2022, launched OG.Art, a curated platform that allows groundbreaking artists to develop projects based on dynamic NFT technology and community interaction. OG.Art has created projects that respond to online and in-person events, enabling collectors to interact with and develop NFT projects in new ways. At the art sector of the Outer Edge LA, presents the latest dynamic NFT collection Heterosis by Mat Collishaw and Danil Krivoruchko that consists 2500 unique flowers for breeding and interactive metaversal “greenhouse”.

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