Nyomi Rowsell

Officer for Waste Management

Passionate about protecting people and our environment by reducing waste,




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I am a highly motivated project officer currently working with the Surrey Environment Partnership team to deliver compliant, environmentally friendly and cost effective waste management solutions across 11 Boroughs of Surrey. I look for opportunities to improve lives through sustainable environmental, social and economic development. As a team strategist I create and implement systems to achieve measurable project goals. I thrive on challenge, enjoy learning new skills and I am committed to environmental best practice. I am proud of my achievements in designing and managing community projects focused on improving quality of life, protecting our environment and people. I possess experience in both public and private sectors adhering to UK environmental standards and planning regulations, resulting in innovation and use of local sourced materials. My projects span the built environment as well as providing solutions to real life design problems, ranging from Eco-buildings to recycling waste innovation. My strong communication, organisational and interpersonal skills enable to complete projects within set time frames.

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