Nicole Loeser

Director Art and Transformation

Director at the Institute for Art and Innovation




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I believe art is a catalyzer for social change. Enjoying over 20 years of international collaboration by joining forces with progressive networks and realizing more than 300 multidisciplinary projects. Creating impact and global action in regard to the implementation of UN's SDGs - for intergenerational justice and circular transition towards regenerative futures within the planetary boundaries. Organizing multi-facetted art+innovation interventions and inter-organizational coalitions as sparking opportunities for discourse; in conjunction with workshops, forums, and festivals as a means of fostering co-learning, co-designing, and cross-sectoral collaboration by sharing and creating knowledge, values, and visions. Deeply grounded in interests for artistic and scientific research as well as theory and practice. As a critic contributing to monographs, books, journals, and publications focussing on the power of artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs, and their incredibly inspiring work.

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