Laura Lewandowski

Co- Founder & Host at Meet Your Mentor

Founder of Smart Chiefs ➡️ On a mission to researching real-world skills for modern entrepreneurs.




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I'm on a mission to inspire the Business World with new ways of thinking and working.I’m a Top 30 under 30 journalist, columnist (Business Insider), podcast host (Innovator Sessions by Red Bull) and co-founded the "The Meet Your Mentor Experience". I love cracking old taboos and challenging the status quo to redefine success. Let’s write new stories that shape the future!I also use my storytelling expertise to creating socially relevant concepts for visionary brands. Hence, my clients, namely Google, Allianz, Uber, Facebook or My Postcard, create even more added value and use this marketing strategy as a catalyst for positive change. If you’re open to a new mindset instead of copying the past, then I am happy to get in touch. This interview-series is about globally thinking role models who teach us lessons we never learned in school. It gives us guidance in a post-pandemic world on how to create the new normal we want to live in: instead of desperately separating work, self-care and environment, it’s time to see it all as one. Are you ready to start conversations that humanize the known and champion the unknown?

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