Igor Ilyinsky 'Rogi'

Founder at Firmwise

Tokenomics whiz, web3 DAO Founder, Blockchain Crypto Architect, Inventor





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I'm a tech entrepreneur, inventor and cloud & blockchain expert. I have been servicing law firms and running businesses for 20 years, but can code anything and am equally adept at design and have a team that is super nuanced. I love to connect with people that have deep knowledge and can make the world better. I don't like sales people much, unless they are selling for me instead of to me. Hit me up if you have BIG ideas! I'm focused on building DAOs and tokenomics, zero knowledge proofs, rollups and other L2 solutions. As the founder of FirmWise, Igor has helped a boatload of mid-sized law firms by converting their websites into marketing machines. He is the most technical Marketing Technologist and entertaining presenter focused on advancing Law Firms to the highest level of marketing technology automation… Igor's gift is knowing how to translate techy jargon into common sense English that anyone can understand; even battle hardened attorneys. His experience in web development for nearly the past two decades and his popularity as a speaker make him the quintessential authority on what trends to pursue and what fads to avoid. As the Founder of FirmWise, the only web hosting platform developed specifically for law firms, Igor has helped define the web presence for over 300 law firms, and continues to pioneer strategy for the industry. FirmWise is your external MarTech provider. We act as an extension of existing marketing roles internal to mid-sized law firms and small firms with no marketing team at all. We help law firms grow by building marketing roadmaps and connecting the dots between them with technology and the right service providers.

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