Gustav Söderström

Chief R&D Officer at Spotify

Chief R&D Officer (CPO/CTO) at Spotify


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Spotify is my mission in life. I've had the fortune of helping to take it from a 30 people operation in Sweden and a counter position to an incumbent but declining download model, to being the global leader of the space as the new streaming model matures and the industry starts seeing growth again. Apart from Spotify, I have a passion for startups and early stage company building. I've been the CEO - from inception through acquisition - as well as an early stage investor, in startups that have been acquired by companies like Facebook and Yahoo!. This has given me a humbling appreciation for the entire company journey, from 1 - thousands of employees, and an understanding of what it is like to be a founder, an executive, a manager during hypergrowth, to be acquired by, as well as to acquire other companies. After my family, Technology is my true love and Science is my religion, when I'm not with my kids, I spend my free time on computer vision and machine learning, modern philosophy, running and martial arts. My home barely ever works because everything is in perpetual beta.

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