Giorgi Jashiashvili

Founder & CEO Enefty

Making NFT technology accessible to creators.




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Marketing and growth professional with over a decade’s worth of experience providing strategies, analysis, and processes to create success in the IoT and other industries. Because of my varied and extensive background, I have continually transcended the boundaries of my roles to contribute to the greater organization as a whole. I love working at the intense speed of a startup environment, stretching my limits and seeing what impact I can make. I accept challenges on regular bases as I see them as opportunities for personal growth. I thrive on complex problems that most find unsolvable. I always step up and figure it out. Nothing is impossible. In the past, I took on the jobs that people said couldn’t be done because I knew I could. If you are resourceful enough and able to put abstract pieces of a puzzle together, you can solve any problem. I love dreaming big, thinking out of the box and pushing myself outside the comfort zone because that's where great things happen.

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