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We insure classics: #echtOCC. Suddenly they knew what was important: in 1985, with just a parasol, camping chairs, folding table and a stack of information sheets in their luggage, our founders Thomas Sühr and Christian Bartelt presented their revolutionary insurance concept for classic cars at the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. 35 years later, the handshake at the Nürburgring turned into a click on occ.eu. We always kept an eye on what was already important back then: What does the classic car owner really need? This pioneering spirit still unites us and inspires us today: Every customer should feel individually and permanently safe with us with his classic vehicle. As an underwriting agency, we have therefore continued to develop exclusive solutions in the area of classic car insurances, together with Provinzial NordWest and have digitized the product. What do we value? We include the wishes of our customers and supplement them with our knowledge and experience from more than three decades. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with a large number of German and European insurance companies, we can offer a tailor-made solution to a wide range of insurance inquiries. We understood from the start that the word “value” has an equally emotional meaning for owners of enthusiast vehicles. Many thousands of satisfied owners of premium cars and classic vehicles in Germany, Austria and Switzerland know about this difference - and put the protection of their vehicles in our hands.

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