Alana Podrx

Founder at Eve Wealth

CEO Investor | ex-McKinsey




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Alana is the CEO of Eve Wealth - Helping women invest in a web3 world. She is an experienced entrepreneur, investor, and women’s wealth advocate. She previously launched McKinsey’s New Venture group and Corporate Venture Capital Service line which included investing in and scaling 30+ SaaS startups - and leading OMNI, a geospatial analytics SaaS software for location strategy and omnichannel sales in retail and banking. She also co-founded Space Btwn, a meditation and wellness company, which was acquired in 2021. As an investor, she invests in early-stage high-growth technology companies including Syndicate Protocol (blockchain), Zama (encryption), Theia (space) and others. Within the web3 space Alana is a contributor & member of Seed Club HQ, Index Coop, FWB and DAO Masters. Her art is what brought her into the early crypto space, with collectors at DG and later NFTs at Digital XYZ. Alana's mission is to create a space for women to explore their full economic potential through investing, community and deal access.

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