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It is a series of offline and online events to explore and build the future of metaverse together.
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Featured Blog Posts

Featured blog posts


Yingzi Yuan
Yingzi Yuan
Project Manager at Ubisoft
As a culture and entertainment industry enthusiast, Yingzi previously worked in entertainment holding group Vivendi as an innovation strategist. Then she joined Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab as a Strategic Analyst and Open Innovation Project Manager, this background has led her to become one of the company's task force with the mission to explore how new technologies could reshape the landscape of entertainment, analyzing their potential impact in various areas. Among divers projects, she’s especially in charge of the operation side of Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab, Ubisoft’s international incubator that supports innovative startups creating products and services that have the potential to transform the entertainment industry. In the pursuit of her belief in the virtualization of future activities, Yingzi cofounded Virtuals, a collective that explores virtual experience, virtual production and virtual human. She’s been invited as guest speaker in multiple conferences in entertainment-tech : VR Days Europe, World XR Forum, Laval Virtual, Siggraph, Indie Game Factory…
Sam Arn
Sam Arn
Content Creator at Sam With A Cam
I’m focused on mentoring brands with potential to grow through content marketing and clever storytelling. I also love the craftsmanship of producing content, and I am self taught in both photo- and videography. I’m a co-founder at UNIT, a blockchain project aiming to create a more equal economy through tokens, and brand advisor to Spirit Bird, an app which enables people to slow down and find inner peace. Besides my professional ventures I absolutely love the thrill of traveling (backpacked for 2 years), meditation & consciousness (vipassana student) and arts & festivals. I have lived for two years in both the Philippines as well as Japan, and I am always looking forward returning to Switzerland from time to time, where I was born and currently live. Most importantly: I love a good dose of random chaos in my life, so please, if you resonate with any of the above, do not hesitate to reach out to me and stir something up. Only a shared life is a happy life, let’s connect!


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