Aimie-Sarah Carstensen

Founder & CEO ArtNight & Co.

Founder & CEO ArtNight & Co. (REALTAINMENT) | Dare to Create & Unleash your Innovative Mindset




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What do creativity and innovation have in common? They both require a certain mindset. Namely, a mindset that allows you to try something new every once in a while. When was the last time you tried something new, something creative? Creativity is essential in our modern world. We need innovative solutions and novel ideas to tackle global problems and to create inspiring art. And creativity is not as hard to access as you think. Just being bored, a common experience for many people every day, is a great doorway to creativity. Alternatively, go for a walk and look around – there are thousands of objects and sensations that can spark your creativity at any given moment. We are all creative at a deep level, and it’s vital to embrace and celebrate this deep creativity. Your muse might be a person, nature, suffering, love, or even art itself – but whatever form it takes, treat the creative impulse as something sacred, and it will richly repay you. As Founder of the Realtainment-Group (ArtNight, ShakeNight, PlantNight and BakeNight), I’m proud of our team that brings more than 30,000 people together every month. Our platform enables 1,000 artists, bakers, and confectioners, florists & bartenders to make a living doing what they love! Our Mission: To give people easy access to break their daily routines by creating one-night life-changing DIY-experiences. We foster creativity to open people’s minds: Being creative, letting an idea grow is not something that only a handful of people can do. Everyone can be creative – you just need to allow it to happen. In addition to my strong passion for entrepreneurship, I am passionate about topics such as Leadership, Productivity and Female Empowerment, which I have had the privilege to speak about as a speaker. Commitment to the startup scene plays a big role in my career, which is why I am not only active as a member of the German Startups Association and Startups Teens, but also share my expertise with aspiring female founders as part of MentorMe. Are you open to create? Let’s talk!

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