Dr. Nicole Redvers, ND, MPH

Assistant Professor @UNDSMHS

Assistant Professor @UNDSMHS, Co-founder Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation, Planetary health research and practice





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Dr. Nicole Redvers, ND, MPH, is a member of the Deninu K’ue First Nation located within Denendeh (NWT, Canada). She is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Family & Community Medicine-INMED in the School of Medicine & Health Sciences at the University of North Dakota where she helped co-develop and launch the first Indigenous health PhD degree program in North America. Dr. Redvers is the co-founder and chair of the Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation based in the Canadian sub-Arctic, with her foundation awarded the $1 million-dollar 2017 Arctic Inspiration Prize for their work with vulnerable populations. She has been actively involved at the international level promoting the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives in planetary health and education for sustainable healthcare (ESH). She sits on the inaugural advisory board for the American Public Health Association's Center for Climate, Health and Equity Steering Committee, is a senior fellow of Indigenous and Community Health with inVIVO Planetary Health, and sits on the steering committee for the Planetary Health Alliance (PHA). Dr. Redvers engages in a breadth of scholarly projects attempting to bridge gaps between Indigenous and Western ways of knowing as it pertains to individual, community and planetary health including her trade paperback book titled, ‘The Science of the Sacred: Bridging Global Indigenous Medicine Systems and Modern Scientific Principles’. Dr. Redvers was a previous merit scholar at Dartmouth Colleges’ Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice and is continuing her life-long passion for leaning at the University of Oxford while continuing to work with her Indigenous Elders in the area of knowledge translation as it pertains to planetary health.

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