Lead Today.Shape Tomorrow
The future is equal. Make sure your workplace is as well.

The future is equal - leadership experts discuss why diverse teams are a major success factor and innovation driver in businesses.

Frederike Probert
Founder of Mission Female GmbH

MISSION FEMALE Founder // Professional Networker // Author // Keynote Speaker // Investor // Board Member // Tech Enthusiast

Isabelle Kristine Ringnes
Founder Equality Check

Co-founder and Chief Evangelist of Equality Check, a company that improve diversity and drives transparency in the workplace.

Nadia Fischer
CEO & Founder Witty Works

TopTen Entrepreneur 2020 by Handelszeitung & SKO | Winner Female Business Award 2020 | Top3 HR Award

Lena-Sophie Müller
GM of Initative D21 e. V.

LinkedIn TopVoice 2020 | Enquete KI | Beirat Junge Digitale Wirtschaft des BMWi | Digitalrat bei BMVg

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