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I am a woman educationalist from both the western and Africa traditions. Has engaged in the work of supporting orphans and vulnerable children to acquire education for development.. I played a significant role in setting up the Child Support Project which is a registered Charity in Scotland. Through the Child Support Project I have supported disadvantaged children in Malawi. Furthermore, I raised the profile of Malawi and played a significant role in the Scotland Malawi Partnership and the Scottish Executive International Aid Fund for Malawi. I have advocated for the right to education and poverty alleviation, for orphans and vulnerable children, to high profiled political leaders and policy makers internationally. In 2005 I had an opportunity to interact with the G8 Leaders spouses at G8 Summit at Gleneagles in Scotland. I shared my knowledge concerning the constraints affecting girls’ education and poverty issues affecting orphans and vulnerable children. I advocated for the scaling up of donor’s interventions and support. I have over 10 years of experience in international development work with a track record in strategic planning, organisational management and providing technical support and coordinating gender responsive programmes. I keeps track on recent trends particularly in girls’ education through research and publications. On 17th November 2015 I Chaired "Barriers to Learning" session and presented my paper at the International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation in Seville, Spain. The title is: "Barriers to Education: The Role of the Young Maasai Agents of Change as they deal with Challenges of “Western” Education versus “Culture” Education". It outlines challenges which the Maasai girls and boys face in pursuing education due to predominant cultural practices. It narrates the activities of the young educated Maasai “agents of change” in their communities. They argue that their approach produces results and is sustainable.

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