Alexandre Lemille

Directeur Général adjoint (France)

Directeur Général - Anthesis France, Advocate - The Circular Humansphere




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"In nature, all living beings have a function to activate and/or a role to play in maintaining the conditions conducive to life." We humans have to emulate this strategy. Thanks to this approach, I have published more than 80 articles (in WEF, The Beam, Renewable Matter, The South African Journal of Ecology, UNIDO, El País, The Guardian, most available on Linked In) suggesting the creation of an ecosystem model of life based on human abundance by inserting a Circular Humansphere (#CircHumansphere) in our next economic models. Valuing people means recognizing their abundance as a positive asset. My work: or A first academic publication consisted of identifying the missing social dimension from the circular economy and proposing a link with the United Nations Human Development (Amartya Sen): "Making the circular economy work for human development", Elsevier Academic Journal - Resources, Conservation and Recycling Through my work, I help organizations redefine their vision of innovation through system thinking as well as their ecosystem role. I also help to measure the circular value created thanks to specific indicators leading to long-term results, centered on human abundance. I am involved in programs aimed at rethinking the way we collaborate between species. The sectors in which I am often involved are education, job creation, the water/soil/waste nexus, apparel/textiles, construction, social entrepreneurship, rural communities, agro-food and resilient cities. I collaborate with the European Union, ADEME France, the African Development Bank, Governments, ICLEI, Prima MED, and other known organisations. BBC Interview: "The Product Made Again and Again and..." I also see Africa as the most "circular" continent of all, given the state of mind of people (collaborative communities, preference for low-tech, low ecological footprint). My two boys are French-Ivorians, hence my contribution in the African Circular Economy Network (www.ACEN.Africa). Africa is my future. I used to lecture in circular & equitable economy at Sciences Po Paris, at the University of Bradford UK, at the University of Cape Town, at the ENSAIT Textile Engineering School, among others.

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