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WTF is Cryopreservation? Living longer, Surviving Death & Preserving your Body.

The idea to live forever seems like the notorious premise for a sci-fi novel. But what if it really IS possible? What if ‘immortality’ is more than just a Celine Dion hit single? Dr. Emil Kendziorra, founder of Tomorrow Biostasis, explores the possibility of preserving life in this episode. First, starting out as a doctor then blazing his way through the tech startup industry, Kendziorra marries the perfect equilibrium between ‘Health’ and ‘Tech’. His background expertise, forward-thinking outlook, teamed with his personal motivations built one of the only cryonic startups in Europe; Tomorrow Biostasis. What is cryonic and cryopreservation we hear you cry? It’s the process of preserving tissues, cells, organisms, and, you guessed it, you.

Dr. Emil Kendziorra
Founder at Tomorrow Biostasis

Founder & CEO at Tomorrow Biostasis / Chairman Of The Board at EBF

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