Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy
Towards a Feminist Digital Policy

While the concept of Feminist Foreign Policy is gaining traction and is being adopted by progressive governments, digital policy is still very much dominated by the concepts influenced by conservative, economically liberal politics and the business sector. We question current innovation narratives and examine the value of maintenance, accessibility, openness, and care for the digital societies of the future.

Julia Kloiber
Co-Founder at Superrr Lab

Co-Founder & Managing Director Superrr Lab || Co-Founder Prototype Fund

Alexandra Geese
Member of the EU Parliament

Abgeordnete im Europäischen Parlament bei European Parliament

Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer
CEO at FrauenLoop

Tech Executive | Founder & CEO @FrauenLoop

Anna Provan
Project Manager at CFFP

Project Manager at Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

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