Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy
Making Foreign Policy Feminist: Hopes and Demands by Feminist Civil Society

At CFFP, we believe that Feminist Foreign Policy agendas should be set by feminist civil society and activists. Indeed, as we wrote in our Feminist Foreign Policy Manifesto for Germany, while we recognise that “nation-states remain the ultimate duty-bearers in protecting and advancing human rights and equality… feminist civil society continues to be the key driver of social justice, particularly with regards to the protection and advancement of the rights of marginalised groups.”

Kristina Lunz
Co-Founder at CFFP

Co-Founder & co-Exec Director Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy | Author | Keynote Speaker | Forbes 30 Under 30

Madeleine Rees
Secretary general at WILPF

Lawyer and current Secretary General of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Geetanjali Misra
Executive director at CREA

Co-founder & executive director at Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action

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