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Fifty Shades Greener is the leading education company for green environmental training. We license our training courses to governments, public agencies and universities. Our priority is to find the best people with similar values and with the potential to help us expand. I have worked in the Hospitality industry all my life, but in 2012, while working as the Sales & Marketing Manager at Hotel Doolin in Ireland I became painfully aware of how damaging our industry is on the environment. Hotels and Restaurants use more Energy & Water than they need to, and produce more waste that they need to in order to run their businesses by having poor systems and processed around their use of Utilities. In 2017, I left my beloved career to found Fifty Shades Greener, a leading educational company teaching the Hospitality workforce how to change their own behaviour around the use of utilities, and reduce their workplace carbon emissions + SAVE MONEY off their utility bills. In 2020, we developed our Secondary Schools Programme, teaching the young generations how to measure, monitor and reduce their households Carbon Footprint, and opening up their minds to the changes we can all make in our life to live Fifty Shades Greener. We are now collaborating with the Educational Training Boards in Ireland to offer our training programmes to the Hospitality Industry and Schools in a fully funded project. We are seeking global partners and governments to bring this same model to other countries around the world. A government that invests in protecting its natural resources and educating its people on the importance of the same, is on a winning trajectory. Get in touch with us today on info@fiftyshadesgreener.ie

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