Bertrand Blancheton

Head of marketing at Braavos

Web 3.0 Growth Marketing Leader - #Growth, #Crypto,#Defi, #Metaverse, and #NFTs freak


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Bertrand Blancheton is a Multi Awarded Growth Marketing Expert. Specializing in strategy and scaling up Growth activity for web 3.0 and digital products. Result-oriented Growth Marketing Leader with 2 years of experience developing and executing growth strategies for Crypto projects, 5 years as a crypto enthusiast, and 15 years overall in Marketing. His expertise allowed him to hold positions as Growth and Marketing Lead. His main missions are to create Growth Scale-up plans that include translating company leadership vision into actionable strategies, design team culture, hiring plan, and budget. Bertrand supports early-stage companies with advisory services. He supports selected brand promotion through the amplification of influencer campaigns via its social accounts.

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