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We are a small venture capital fund. But in particular we are La Famiglia – a loyal family of entrepreneurs, business angels, family businesses, conglomerates and industry leaders who invest smart capital alongside with their experience, networks and skills.
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Featured Blog Posts

Featured blog posts


Viet Le
Viet Le
Principal at La Famiglia VC
Viet holds long monologues about his 3 Ds: design, data, and dev tools. When he's not in product deep-dives with founders, you can find him showing admiration for artists and builders on design/tech TikTok and Twitter.
Judith Dada
Judith Dada
General Partner at La Famiglia VC
Judith Dada has had a steep career. She came to La Famiglia from Facebook, where she now leads and manages two fund generations as a duo together with her partner Jeannette von Fürstenberg. Her passion is technologies and the correct use of data. "We can't build a new Amazon in Europe, but maybe a new Siemens," she explains in an interview..
Jeannette zu Fürstenberg
Jeannette zu Fürstenberg
Founding Partner at La Famiglia VC
Dr Jeannette zu Fuerstenberg has been active in the startup ecosystem as Co-Founder, investor, and advisor since 2013. She is Founding Partner and Managing Partner of La Famiglia, a VC fund backed by a family of successful digital entrepreneurs, business angels, family businesses and industry leaders. Before, she worked for a major German investment fund. Descending from a German industrial family, her focus is on fostering co-operation between young digital and established companies. She serves as an Advisory Board member for the Lufthansa Innovation Hub since October 2018.Women are still underrepresented in Venture Capital, but Dr Jeannette zu Fuerstenberg is an outstanding example for successful female investors. She is Founding Partner and Managing Director of La Famiglia, a Venture Capital fund investing in early-stage tech companies across Europe and the US.


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