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Featured blog posts


Bilal Zaidi
Bilal Zaidi
Podcast Host at Creator Lab
17yrs experience helping startups + fortune 500 brands grow through marketing, partnerships + business development. This includes 7.5yrs at Google in NYC, London & Dublin. 8yrs on my own ventures & 2yrs at charity: water. Highlights: Google: helped brands like Puma, Coach, ASOS, Audible + TOMS manage $500mil marketing investment. Launched pre-revenue Google startup into Europe. Lead initiatives on mobile growth, measurement + attribution. I Creator Lab Podcast: interview the world’s leading entrepreneurs. Past guests include: Gary Vee, Tim Urban, Kat Cole, Daymond John, Jim McKelvey, Pomp, Andrew Wilkinson and others. Listeners in 150+ countries. Featured by Spotify, Fast Company + The Hustle. I Creator Lab Digital: digital marketing agency helping companies grow through paid acquisition on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn + YouTube. I Charity: water: after meeting the founder on my podcast, I joined the leadership team as their first ever Director of Brand Partnerships. Role was a combination of managing the biz dev + partnerships teams, building a strategy for growth, creative marketing partnerships + representing the org externally. We created products & joint campaigns with brands like Saint Laurent, Away, Uniqlo, Pele, Depeche Mode, Amazon, Hublot & J Crew. We raised tens of millions of dollars to fund clean water projects in 20+ countries. Reported to the COO + worked alongside the CEO, exec team and heads of each department. — Teaching: host digital marketing bootcamps through General Assembly + Creator Lab. Courses include: "digital marketing for startups", "branding in the digital age" & "fundamentals of digital marketing". — Early Entrepreneurship: learned how to build online aged 16 when I started an ecom retailer to help me pay through college. Also started a leading sports fan site to 20+ writers & grew the audience to half a million visitors from 175+ countries.


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