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Featured Blog Posts

Featured blog posts


Devin Finzer
Devin Finzer
CEO at OpenSea
Devin Finzer is the co-founder and CEO of OpenSea — a peer-to-peer marketplace for blockchain-based digital collectibles. Devin has a background in software engineering at Google and Pinterest, and sold his previous company, Claimdog, to Credit Karma. He studied computer science and mathematics at Brown University.
Li Jin
Li Jin
General Partner at Variant
I'm interested in companies that are enabling individuals to make a living from their unique passions and audiences.
Ryan Sean Adams
Ryan Sean Adams
Founder at Mythos Capital
Cryptoasset investor and entrepreneur. Healthcare tech consultant with both startup and big company experience. Led two companies as CEO, sold a healthcare technology startup, launched software products used by one third of U.S. hospitals. Ran enterprise analytics division at a top 40 healthcare technology company.


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