Why Cryptocurrency Deserves a Better Type of Lawyer

▪️ Hội nghị Tài chính - Nhà giao dịch ▪️ Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam, vào ngày 09/11/2019 Cal is the Managing Associate of the team, a UK & Ukrainian lawyer and US Litigation Consultant with experience working in top law firms in both California and London. Cal undertook advanced IT at a junior college and received the top AVCE recognition award before then undertaking his undergraduate in Law. Cal passed law school in England specializing in business and corporate law. In 2015 Cal undertook his certificate in financial markets with Yale. Cal is considered one of the leading individuals on Cryptocurrency and Crypto Raise Compliance. Few people have the technological, legal, and financial expertise needed to tackle the cryptocurrency market and Cal certainly is one of them. He has experience working with companies across the globe including some of the largest tech companies during his time working in California.

Cal Evans
MA at Gresham International

Award Winning Cryptocurrency Lawyer and Strategy Expert

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