Slush is a global student-driven movement on a mission to help world-changing founders. Originally founded to change attitudes toward entrepreneurship in 2008, Slush has grown from a single gathering in Helsinki to a series of events organized all around the world.
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Oona Poropudas
Oona Poropudas
Operations at Lifeline Ventures
Oona joined Lifeline Ventures at the start of 2021. For the past four years, Oona has been a part of the organizing team at the startup organization Slush operating as the Head of Program and President among other roles. Previously to Slush, Oona worked at a marketing communications agency Superson. At Lifeline Ventures Oona focuses on helping various portfolio companies as well as on Lifeline’s own operations including e.g. sustainability and communications. On the side, Oona studies Creative Sustainability at Aalto University. In her free time, she spends time with her friends and family, reads, and practices yoga
Janne Korpela
Janne Korpela
Country Manager at Swappie
FullP&L responsibility for selected new markets at Swappie. Previous experience includes management consulting at Bain, co-founding a venture capital fund, co-founding a media production company, organising a tech conference for over 17 000 attendees, and business development.

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